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“Vertigo is experienced by the camera owner who can’t stop taking pictures. This is an innate characteristic of ay human who senses the need to produce a double of the world and thus assure himself that he does exist.”  -Denis Roche

“I see no reason for recording the obvious.”
-Edward Weston

Weston understands my reasoning for not photographing flowers, sunsets, or landscapes. They are obvious. We’ve all seen these things, we all appreciate these things, but I feel that a REAL photographer uses his MIND and ability to accomplish a new way to see things and appreciate things. I understand that craft is important, but it doesn’t interest me as much as an intellectually compelling composition or subject matter.

I love Alt Process. All of the processes we did in class worked well for me (aside from Liquid Light…). I would like to continue to try Liquid Light (maybe next semester) and hopefully come to terms with it. Overall, I’m pleased with the works I produced in class this semester. My body of work is kind of all over the place because I’ve always been one to take on a variety of interests (even if I was told to ‘only choose one for now’) and never settling on one particular thing. Sometimes I see this as a good thing because I’m constantly coming up with new ideas or new subject matter and am seldom bored but on the negative side, it makes coming up with ONE final project difficult. On that note, the few final projects I’ve been working on are cyanotypes of my mother and father when they were around mine & my brothers ages (17-21ish) which I’m planning on installing on the wall in cheap frames. I bought some wallpaper from OP shop which will be a sort of ‘frame for the frames’. I want to play with the idea of family photos but in a way that familys normally don’t portray themselves in a photo to be hung on the wall. For example, some of the photos I’ve chosen are images of my dad pretending to smoke 5 cigarettes and one of my mom holding my dad’s shotgun. Photos prior to bearing children which some may call “them good ol’ days”.

Another series I am currently working on I refer to as “Dead Shit”. I printed some of the images that belong in this category as my Palladium and Kallitypes. I wrote about this project in an earlier post, so I won’t repeat myself.

Lastly, I also have a glassblowing/photo project I’m working on (which is due tomorrow..). I made solid clear spheres of glass and took photos of places and objects through them as a way of showing a distortion of reality.

Atget was a French photographer in the late 1800s/early 1900s who photographed a view of Paris few have seen. Away from the hustling crowds, he focused on architecture and surreal compositions within the city. He was an orphan & was taken care of by his uncle until he was shipped off to be a cabin boy at a young age. When he returned, he tried his skill at acting on a professional level, which never took off. Next, he tried painting without much luck. He finally found his calling as a photographer. He earned a living selling photos to painters as references. I find it interesting that Atget’s photos were considered more in terms of reference items and documentation than artwork. Atget never moved or organized any objects to form a certain composition; he photographed compositions as he saw them, in their raw state. Because of his love of reading, he consumed all literary works by Victor Hugo and was extremely articulate. He lugged his 18x24cm view camera around Paris to take pictures. From age 50 and on, he lived mainly on milk, bread and sugar. As far as we know, Atget never took a close up portrait or typical still life photograph.

Fete du Trone


Boutique Jouets

I found some old photos of my mom and dad when they were around my age. I scanned them into the computer, printed them as negatives and I’m re-printing them as cyanotypes.

I’m currently working with images taken from disposable cameras. I’ve been scanning them into the computer, printing them out and using them as negatives to print cyanotypes. I’m still working with the idea of things that decay or have decayed (the term ‘decayed’ used loosely).

All of these images are from an expired disposable camera that I bought from the antique store. I wasn’t sure if any of the images would even work because of the unknown condition the film was kept in. It has an overall grainy quality and the prints are a little less colorful than those from the non-expired disposable camera (whose prints I haven’t posted yet). I thought trying to use the expired camera was another good way to work with the idea of things decaying. They say nothing lasts forever, but this film was almost 9 years expired and still worked.



















Ive been interested in dead animals as of late. I’m sure there’s some psychological reason behind it, so I’ll think about it and get back to you.

enjoy these images.


Ok. So. I have to be honest and say that blogging feels like a chore to me. I’d rather talk to people directly, or as near to that as possible. I’m not sure why it seems like such a bother to me, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know.


I am currently frustrated with Liquid Light. When talking to Cam yesterday, we decided that Liquid Light irritates you to the point at which you feel the need to consume  a (as the kids say,) ” 40″.  However, since I am not 21 years of age yet, I am forced to blunder through my Liquid Light mess and simply endure. It is a pain in the ass.


I think I’ve pretty much decided that I prefer cyanotypes. Most people don’t appreciate that electric blue, but I find it beautiful. I feel like that particular shade of blue gives the image an energy and life it wouldn’t have otherwise.


I’ve also decided that my work generally veers in the direction of the term “death”. Which, makes me sound like an emotional wreck but I’ve noticed it as a reoccurring theme as of late. Maybe it has to do with my dad’s near-death experience and how that has unconsciously (and consciously) played a huge part in my life.


I am in love with Lucas Samaras’ work. His work is not about creating beauty or praising beauty by any means. It is more about expressing his own emotional trauma that he has been through as well as understanding his psychological being. He delves into the term “Narcissism” and explores what that means to him by means of his Photo transformation Polaroids. It is also said that Samaras may be playing with the idea of biophilia vs. necrophilia (which I find to be a slight stretch). However, an issue has been brought up that Samaras may be toying with the ID, superego, and external reality (in regards to Freudian theories).

Donald Kuspit describes Samaras’ approach at art:

“Creativity is his way of finding pleasure in painful experiences, assimilating the otherwise horrendously unassimilable.”

I feel that in some regards, I also use art as a way to cope with emotional or physical issues I am having. In some ways, that is the only outlet I can use to express such emotional feelings such as the recent accident with my dad. Some of my friends in my dance class this year (who were also in my class last year and know my ‘style’ of dance) have told me numerous times that my ‘style’ of dance this year is much more aggressive and emotional during Improvisation sessions than last year. I was completely unaware that my emotions were coming through my movements and I found that a very interesting phenomenon.

Anyway, I have a glassblowing slot to get to this evening. So I will leave you with some gorgeous photos by Lucas Samaras. My love.

Lucas Samaras

Lucas Samaras

Lucas Samaras

Lucas Samaras

Lucas Samaras

Lucas Samaras

Lucas Samaras

Lucas Samaras